Industry Table

A beautiful hand finished vintage rustic reclaimed solid wood plank top dining table blacksmith-forged solid iron leg.

These very unique, heavy and robust industrial style tables are hand built to order here in the UK featuring 100 x 10mm thick blacksmith forged solid-iron legs chunky reclaimed wooden tops and beam centre supports sourced from abandoned mills, barns and demolished buildings from both the UK & Europe. Part of our beautiful collection of bespoke industrial furniture.

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Passion and Experience

Founded in Nottinghamshire by artisans with a passion for natural materials, Design Shack Interiors has rapidly built a reputation for the creation of unique, quality & robust English furniture. Our craftsmen specialise in bespoke solid wood industrial furniture, artisanal pieces ranging from striking industrial-look dining tables and grand four-poster beds, to understated occasional tables and minimalist seating. From the finishing of the timber to the fabrication of the ironwork, all our work is done from our workshops on Ricketwood Farm, deep in the Nottinghamshire countryside.

Reclaimed Wood: Respecting the present and preserving the past!

All our products are hand made to order here in the UK, incorporating reclaimed, mature wood, which has its own unique, naturally worn markings that cannot be mimicked by new growth wood used in most of todays mass produced furniture... each piece is individual with deeper hues, grains and colouring, giving it its own unique characteristics.

Often the wood we use will contain the scars of time such as old nail holes, saw & burn marks, dents, knots & holes and rather than cover these up, we appreciate and value the aspect that these imperfections are part of its life story, so we choose to leave them as features, and over the years, they will continue to develop their unique histories as modern day heir looms in the lives and environments of our customers work places & homes.